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Turf-Tec Lysimeter

Turf-Tec Lysimeter being installed into new golf green for water monitoring.The Turf-Tec Lysimeter is designed for the purpose of finding out how much water is percolating out of a root zone. This information will aid in the management of turfgrass areas by insuring that nutrients and chemicals will remain in the target area within the soil profile. If there is no water coming out of the Turf-Tec Lysimeter, then there are not harmful materials leaching through the soil profile.

Periodic analysis of the percolate for nutrients and pesticides, especially following applications, will provide information about how successful the management practices are in maintaining the materials in the root zone, where they are needed.

The above photo shows Lysimeter being installed in green sub-base during green construction. The supporting plate in the Lysimeter is at the same elevation as the sub-base. Then the gravel blanket (background) is spread over the sub-base and placed in the Lysimeter to the same depth inside theTurf-Tec Lysimeter with stainless steel support and gravel barrier shown. Lysimeter as it is placed outside the Lysimeter. Finally, the top mix is placed over the gravel blanket. Once installed, the Lysimeter will not interfere with normal turfgrass management practices or the play of the game.

Where changes in management practices are needed, the changes could be implemented before a regulatory agency begins to find the agrochemical or nutrients in the groundwater. Such a proactive approach could do much to reassure the surrounding communities that the manager is acting in a responsible manner to minimize potential adverse environmental impacts.


Turf-Tec Lysimeter shown in golf green with stainless steel support rack and gravel barrier in place.Water will also be conserved by finding out how much has percolated through the soil profile and in to the Turf-Tec Lysimeter. Irrigation cycles can be adjusted to insure that the grass plants are being able to utilize the water instead of applying an excess amount that basically is draining through the profile.

In areas that irrigate with saline water or have the potential for salts to build up in the soil, sodium levels can be monitored from the Turf-Tec Lysimeter collection bottle. When levels get too high for a healthy root zone, the soil can be monitored during the leaching process to insure that enough salts are removed from the soil to insure healthy turfgrass plants.


Turf-Tec Lysimeter with gravel layer installed.  Next soil will be replaced and grass re-planted.  When finished, Lysimeter will not be detectable to golfer or maintenance personell.                       Turf-Tec Lysimeter needs to be installed at a minimum of six inches from the surface of the soil to insure routine maintenance can be preformed.  Collection lines are 3/8" stainless steel pipe. Twelve feet of 3/8" s/s pipe is provided along with stainless steel connectors.

Price List

Quantity Model # Description Price
1 LYC1-W Turf-Tec Lysimeter $995.00 Each
2 LYC1-W Turf-Tec Lysimeter $796.00 Each
3 or more. LYC1-W Turf-Tec Lysimeter $696.50 Each

*Prices and specification subject to change without notice.

LYC1-W - Turf-Tec Lysimeter

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