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Turf-Tec Holematic

Turf-Tec Holematic for making 1 1/2 inch holes for setting plastic sleeves in ground.Turf-Tec Holematic for making 1 1/2 inch holes.  It is also an excellent soil sampler for hard soils.

The Turf-Tec Holematic is designed to remove 1-1/2-inch soil cores out of the ground, eight inches deep up to 30 inches in total. The unit is designed to make a clean hole for many purposes. 

Simply place Holematic over the soil and hit the specially designed anvil with a hammer until the unit is eight inches into the soil. The soil core is simply ejected out the specially designed discharge shoot. Pull up on the handles to remove the Holematic from the ground. The Holematic can then be moved to a new location and make another hole or re-inserted to remove deeper soil cores. Never has there been an easier way to make a clean, 1 1/2" diameter hole in any type soil. The Holematic works in soft soils, hard soils, rocky soils, wet soils, dry soils and soils with roots or buried debris.

Uses for Turf-Tec Holematic include:

Turf-Tec Holematic is also used for setting termite traps and feeding tree roots.



Hammer anvil on top.

Makes a hole in even hard soils.

Solid steel welded construction.

Ejects the core cleanly.

Zinc plated steel for long lasting outdoor protection.

No electricity or gas powered equipment needed to dig holes.

Sharpened cutter blade.

Can dig 1 1/2" holes up to 29" deep.

Handle grips for comfort.

Ejected soil will not mix with surrounding soil or clay.

Unit is 38" X 17 1/2" X 2" inches.

Clean hole allows tight fit of 1 1/2" pipe.

Weight 8 lbs. (without box)

Unit is extremely durable.

Holes up to 29 inches deep can be made.

Holes can be made anywhere without the need for power tools.

HM1-M - Holematic 1 1/2" Model

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