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Aeri-Forke - Hand Aerifier - Sorry DiscontinuedThis product is made by Turf-Tec International in the USA

Turf-Tec Aeri-forke spot aerifying tool for aerifying small compacted areas.  It is also useful for localized dry spots.

For Aerifying Dry Spots And Hard To Get Places




A Spot Aerifier for dry spots, ends of cart paths, between greens and bunkers, around sprinkler heads, tops of mounds, etc…

The Aeri-Forke is the perfect hand tool to aerify small areas. Crew members should carry one in their work vehicles, ready to use whenever they see signs of compaction or dry spots.

Aeri-Forke spot aerifying tool for dry spots, hard to reach areas like arounf sprinkler heads and for lawns.


Simply push the Aeri-Forke into the soil with your foot, pull back on the handle, and watch the soil being loosened and cultivated with no effort.


Air, water and nutrients will encourage deep roots, use the Aeri-Forke when feeding small trees and shrubs.

Made to last a long time!

AF1-M - Turf-Tec Aeri-Forke

Sorry Discontinued Item

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